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Welcome to Thrive Counseling Center in Pittsburgh, PA. By taking advantage of our counseling and mental health services, you are taking your first step toward finding a new and empowered you. You are embarking upon the positive path of growth and well-being for not only yourself, but your relationships as well.

Leading multi-faceted lives, we take on many roles and responsibilities. Sometimes, we can adapt to these changes, and sometimes, we cannot. Not without help, at least. If you are facing difficulties in your life, changes which cause negative feelings, distraction and dissatisfaction, there is help available. We can provide the assistance and empowerment you need to discover your true, authentic life.

We will explore the integration of physical, mental, emotional and relational aspects in your life, finding the balance which sets things right. We will help you develop the boundaries and techniques necessary for positive growth, not only for yourself, but for relationships with your friends, family, partner, and coworkers.

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